mortgage note sale benefitsIf you sold your home via seller financing in the past, perhaps it is time to review the mortgage note sale benefits available to you at this point in your life.  Since the sale of your property, your personal needs have likely changed.  A review of the mortgage note sale benefits available to you may offer you both personal and financial options, that you had not considered before.  Regardless of whether you decide to sell your note, it makes sense to be aware of the options as you and your mortgage note age.

Mortgage Note Sale Benefits

1. You don’t have to worry about the monthly note payments you receive slipping away on life’s little expenses.  We all know that it requires discipline to save for the future.

2. When you sell your mortgage note it is converted from an uncertain stream of future payments into an immediate lump sum of cash (liquid capital) to allow you to make a major purchase, investment or eliminate high interest debts.

3. You no longer have to worry about collecting the monthly payments from the note borrower or  the administration and paper work of the mortgage note.

4. When you sell your mortgage note you eliminate the risk, time and cost of foreclosure if the borrower is unable to continue making payments in an uncertain economy.  If you anticipate that the note borrower will have difficulty continuing to make payments, you as the note lender will be forced to make this decision.

5. If your property has significantly increased in value since you issued the mortgage note, you can take advantage of this by selling of the note to an investor while it has a higher sale price.

6. If you do a Partial Sale of your mortgage note, you will have an immediate sum of cash now while deferring the administration and risk of the mortgage note until a later date when you are in a situation where it is more desirable to have a monthly revenue for retirement.

7. If your life has significantly changed (death of spouse, divorce, relocation), the selling of your mortgage note and its administration duties may offer a variety of personal benefits.


Remember that you as the mortgage note holder will have a unique set of reasons for selling your financial  investment that reflect your specific needs and goals in life.

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