mortgage note referral programOur mortgage note referral program provides you the opportunity to earn cash just by referring someone you know that wants to sell their real estate note.  It is simple to participate in.  If you know of someone who is the owner of a real estate note, simply let us know by filling out the mortgage note referral program form and if your referral sells us their note, you can earn up to 5% of our total accepted offer amount by the note owner.

We work with private individuals and professionals alike to help people, like your clients, co-workers, and friends achieve their financial goals promptly.

The Mortgage Note Referral Program is very simple.

We simply require some basic information of the mortgage note owner (your referral) interested in selling their note, plus your contact information.   We will do the heavy lifting.  Here are the basic steps.

  1. We will contact your referral on your behalf.
  2. We then determine the level of interest in receiving a mortgage note quotation.
  3. Afterwards we gather information form your referral to complete the note quotation.
  4. Then with the referral´s approval, we will submit the note quotation information for a competitive bid.
  5. Finally we present your referral the note purchase offer.

If your referral accepts the mortgage note purchase offer and the sale is completed, you will earn up to 5% of our total accepted offer amount by the note owner.

Remember that this process requires diligence and professionalism to ensure a competitive purchase offer.  We will advise you via Email as the process proceeds.

Please keep in mind that anyone can submit a note under our referral program, as we do not require a broker sign-up.

Just fill out the information listed below to submit your referral.

Referral Program Submission Request Form

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Please Indicate Referral Relationship And Any Background Information You Feel Is Relevant

You can also call us at (888) 213-3383 to provide us the referral information or Contact Us via Email.